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Gary Bamford is a professional musician living and working in the south west of England. As a player he has performed with jazz artists such as Bobby Wellins, Paul Dunmall, Sandi Russell, Derek Nash and Gilad Atzmon. In 2005 he released his debut album “jadj” which consists of 79 minutes of original material.
Born in Wiltshire, U.K. Gary started learning piano aged five and went on to learn trumpet, guitar and bass guitar. He first began composing in his early teens. From his mid teens to early twenties he played various instruments in bands whose styles included rock, indie, punk, soul, funk and jazz. He also toured Europe with the Swindon Young Musicians and the Wiltshire Youth Orchestra. While studying at the City Of Leeds College Of Music he directed and wrote for a seven piece jazz-funk ensemble for which he received the Arranger of the Year award in 1994.
In his early youth Gary listened to a wide variety of music including Mozart, Jazz Big Bands, The Damned, early Yes and The Smiths. Currently he lists among his influences Medeski Martin and Wood, Steve Reich, Joni Mitchell, John Scofield, Ben Folds, John Taylor and Tom Waits.
Upon leaving Leeds Gary returned to Wiltshire to work as a music teacher, writer and performer, predominantly on piano and keyboard in various jazz and funk groups. Early in 2005 Gary’s debut CD ‘jadj’ ( was released on his own label, Kintu Records. The album contains twenty six original tracks written during the preceding ten years.
In 2007 Gary orchestrated, and was band leader for, ‘The Slide’ – a musical based on the songs of The Beautiful South’. He is currently working on various projects including a follow up to ‘jadj’, a collaboration with saxophonist Ruth Hammond (, a series of minimalist compositions and an anthology of pieces for solo piano which is due for publication summer 2012.
Gary’s writing and performance utilizes both live and computer generated music and covers a range of styles. It always however bears his distinctive sound.


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